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Katrina Levy-Zidel

Founder & Creation Coach

Kreating Boldly, Inc.

Working with Karen has elevated our entire business both externally and internally. Externally, she has maximized our brand's visibility through our website presence, our succinct messaging across all digital platforms and has helped us to clearly share who we are and how we support our clients in our own unique way. Internally, she has strengthened our infrastructure by streamlining our business & communication processes which have helped us with increasing our efficacy and flow. She truly gets us and it feels great to be understood and seen! Karen makes complicated look and feel easy!
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Becky Sweeney

Founder & Executive Solutions Coach

Kreating Boldly, Inc.

Incredible beginning!!! I cannot wait for the rest of this process to unfold and for the end result. It's absolutely everything we talked about executed in a beautiful fashion! Thank you so much for your collaboration, ideas, and valuable input.

About Kreating Boldly, Inc.

Kreating Boldly is about revolutionizing your entire approach to life. Our Mission is to coach people to a new state of being that is aligned with a purposeful state of doing. Our services include individual and group professional coaching, executive solutions, workshops and collaboration projects. Kreating Boldly works with a select number of incredible individuals and companies looking to go beyond the ordinary to create something extraordinary. Learn More >

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The Business Challenge

Our business started to grow very quickly and we needed our web presence, infrastructure and processes to grow with it. We were still using homegrown websites and whatever tools we were used to. Additionally, since much of our business comes from referrals, we needed a web and social media presence that was consistent and clearly communicated who we are and what we do.

How Brain Dance Designs Helped

Karen started by working with us to gain an understanding of our company, the services we provide and our unique value to our clients. She collaborated with us to create new branding, messaging, web presence and social media accounts. As she became familiar with our core business, she suggested process improvements and set up a streamlined, cohesive back office infrastructure. We even collaborated together on new ideas for our business and our partnership.

The Outstanding Results

The face we present to the world now aligns with our DNA and the unique services we provide. Our level of professionalism has been elevated by orders of magnitude. It's easier to communicate with and work with our current clients. And when prospective clients find us, they can immediately see what makes us unique and what it would be like to work with us. Our lives are so much easier and we cannot wait to continue this journey!

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