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Be Seen!

With the Heart and Soul of your business clearly reflected throughout your client experience

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Katrina Levy-Zidel

Founder & Creation Coach

Kreating Boldly, Inc.

Working with Karen has elevated our entire business both externally and internally. Externally, she has maximized our brand's visibility through our website presence, our succinct messaging across all digital platforms and has helped us to clearly share who we are and how we support our clients in our own unique way. Internally, she has strengthened our infrastructure by streamlining our business & communication processes which have helped us with increasing our efficacy and flow. She truly gets us and it feels great to be understood and seen! Karen makes complicated look and feel easy!
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Transform your web presence

When your clients look at your website, do they see YOU?

We make it fun and easy to transform your online presence to clearly capture who you are, what you do and what it would be like to work with you.

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Integrate your technology

Your tools don't have to be made together to work together.

We can help you evaluate your business needs against your current environment to define and implement better ways of working with the tools you like and best in class solutions where there are any gaps.

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Streamline your processes

Technology can't solve everything.

While evaluating your current environment, we'll look for ways to improve HOW things are done, making it easier for you and your clients to collaborate together.

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Refresh and renew your business

Transformation doesn't take place in a vaccuum.

While collaborating together to identify and communicate what makes your business UNIQUE, we'll discover ways to make your business even better.

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Make your Website POP! 3 Quick Tips


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Web Presence Transformation

Web presence services, focused on useability, accessibility and SEO. When your clients look for help, they should find YOU. And when they find you, they should know exactly who you are and what you do.

Whether you need full website design and hosting, a web presence refresh or just an assessment of where you could make some improvements, we've got you covered.

We make it a priority to stay ahead of advancing techologies so can work with the tools you have or recommend something that might be even better.

The Nerdy Stuff

Full stack development & hosting utilizing React, Nextjs, Vercel and AWS Amplify. SEO Optimization, Social presence integration. Your design or ours. Turnkey or fully managed.

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Business Refresh & Renewal

Need help with your technology goals? Have a great start but know you haven't tapped into your full potential? Not even sure where to start?

By focusing on understanding your core business first and foremost, we can cut through all the noise and help you quickly figure out what technology makes sense for YOU.

More importantly, we can help you figure out how to work more effectively and efficiently in a world that is increasingly more connected.

The Nerdy Stuff

Rebranding, Technology roadmaps, Business and Financial Planning, Business Process Optimization, Backend Infrastructure Refresh, Vendor ' Project Assessment, VC Packages.

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Web & Mobile Applications

Web application development, focused on leading-edge technologies.

We have some great projects in the works and coming soon. We are currently working on a hosted content management system which can be styled to fit the look and feel of your business, as well as a markdown editor that can be used standalone.

We are also working on life-management and work-management platforms which will take all the parts of social media you actually USE and get rid of the noise. NO influencers, just you and your people.

The Nerdy Stuff

Cross-platform mobile and web app development utilizing React, Nextjs and AWS Amplify. Social presence integration. Headless Content Managment systems. Website integration. Turnkey or fully managed.

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Components & Templates

Jumpstart your business planning or technical development projects with some great pre-built or custom components and templates.

We have web development components and website templates, business, financial, presentation and planning templates and tools as well as custom icons and graphics.

In addition to our application development projects, this website is built using plug and play components that are easy to adapt and style.

The Nerdy Stuff

Web development components and website templates written in NextJs,React, and Tailwind CSS, business, financial, and presentation templates in MS Office, custom icons and graphics in Adobe and Font Awesome

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Karen Turner


Dall-E 2 is the upgraded version of OpenAI's revolutionary AI image generation model. It can create unique and relevant images based on textual prompts. In this post, we will demonstrate how to integrate Dall-E 2 API with a Next.js application without usin...continue


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